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For over a century, Millet has been synonymous with mountaineering excellence, alpine exploration, and outdoor innovation. Born in the heart of the French Alps, this iconic brand has left an indelible mark on the world of mountaineering and outdoor sports. Join us as we embark on a journey through the rich history, enduring legacy, and unwavering commitment to excellence that defines Millet.

Foundations in the French Alps

Millet’s story begins in the small town of Annecy, nestled amidst the stunning peaks of the French Alps. In 1921, Marc Millet, an avid mountaineer, and outdoor enthusiast founded the company. With a passion for the mountains and a deep understanding of the needs of climbers and adventurers, Marc set out to create high-quality mountaineering equipment that would withstand the rigors of alpine exploration.

Millet : Marc Millet

A Century of Alpine Mastery

From its inception, Marc demonstrated a relentless commitment to excellence in alpine gear and apparel. This dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and performance has been the cornerstone of the brand’s enduring legacy.

1. Cutting-Edge Materials: They has always been at the forefront of material innovation. The brand pioneered the use of technical fabrics like Gore-Tex and Pertex, setting new standards for waterproofing and breathability in alpine gear.

2. Mountaineering Expertise: The companies mountaineering expertise is unrivaled. The brand’s alpine boots, like the iconic Everest, have been trusted companions on countless Himalayan expeditions, including the first successful ascent of Mount Everest in 1953.

3. Climbing Innovations: The company has been instrumental in the evolution of climbing gear. The introduction of the “Millet Crack” climbing shoe in the 1980s revolutionized the sport with its precision and performance.

4. Backpack Innovation: The companies backpacks, including the iconic “Peuterey,” are renowned for their durability, comfort, and innovative features, making them favorites among mountaineers and trekkers.

5. Sustainability Initiatives: In recent years, they have made significant strides in sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly materials and responsible manufacturing practices into its products.

Iconic Products and Innovations

Their relentless pursuit of perfection has resulted in a range of iconic products and innovations that have shaped the outdoor industry and stood the test of time:

1. Everest: The Everest mountaineering boot is a legend in its own right. It’s been worn by countless mountaineers on their journey to conquer the world’s highest peaks.

Millet Everest Boot

2. Trilogy: The Trilogy collection showcases the companies commitment to alpine excellence. It includes a range of technical gear designed for high-altitude expeditions and extreme conditions.

3. Grepon 4S Jacket: The Grepon 4S jacket exemplifies the companies expertise in outerwear. It’s designed for alpine adventures, offering protection against harsh weather without compromising on comfort.

Millet Grepon 4S Jacket

4. K Absolute GTX Jacket: This technical Gore-Tex jacket is designed for climbers and mountaineers, providing waterproof and breathable protection in demanding alpine environments.

5. Cliffhanger Climbing Shoes: The Cliffhanger climbing shoe is a testament to Millet’s commitment to climbing innovation. It’s celebrated for its precise fit and performance on vertical terrain.

Millet Cliffhanger Climbing Shoes

Sustainability and Responsibility

Millet recognizes the importance of preserving the natural environments that outdoor enthusiasts cherish. As such, the brand is committed to a range of sustainability initiatives:

1. Eco-Friendly Materials: Millet incorporates eco-friendly materials into its products, reducing its environmental footprint and promoting responsible sourcing.

2. Eco Conception: Millet is dedicated to eco-design principles, creating products that minimize waste, extend product life, and optimize energy efficiency.

3. Conservation Partnerships: The brand collaborates with organizations dedicated to mountain conservation, access, and environmental education.

4. Repair Services: Millet offers repair services to extend the lifespan of its products, reducing the need for new gear and minimizing waste.

Community and Alpine Culture

Millet’s impact extends beyond products; it encompasses a global community of mountaineers, climbers, and outdoor enthusiasts who share a deep love for the mountains:

1. Millet Mountain Club: The Millet Mountain Club is a platform for sharing stories, tips, and insights from the outdoor community. It serves as a source of inspiration for adventurers of all levels.

2. Athlete Partnerships: Millet sponsors a roster of world-class climbers, mountaineers, and outdoor athletes who embody the brand’s values and push the limits of alpine exploration.

3. Adventure Grants: Millet supports adventure grants and expeditions that enable outdoor enthusiasts to pursue their dreams and embark on challenging alpine journeys.

4. Conservation Efforts: Millet actively advocates for mountain conservation and access, working to protect the pristine environments that serve as the backdrop for its products.

Millet: Elevating Alpine Experiences

Millet’s enduring legacy is a testament to its unwavering commitment to innovation, performance, and sustainability in

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